RHA Rent Consultation 2019/20

Posted on by Gavin Holley

All of the services that RHA provides to our tenants, for example repairs and improvements like new boilers, kitchens and bathrooms, are included in the rent our tenants pay.  Every year the Welsh Government advises us on the maximum rent we can charge. In order to calculate affordable rents, they use something called the Consumer Prices Index.  This is calculated by looking at the change in costs of a number of everyday household items and services that we all buy things like a typical basket of shopping, clothing, transport and utilities.

Watch our Director of Operations explaining:  https://youtu.be/v_1NClzvD6I

After looking at this, the Welsh Government advised us the maximum rent increase is 2.4 % for 2019/20.  RHA is proposing to increase rents to this amount and this will mean that the rent our tenants pay will increase by around £2 per week from April 2019.

To make sure that this new rent is affordable, we have carried out tests based on the typical amounts of income that we know our tenants have to spend including; those in receipt of benefits or working and on a low income. We have also considered the size of property that they live in and how many people could be in the family and we believe the new rent is affordable.  The rent increase means we can continue to maintain and improve our present levels of service, however we are looking for your feedback on how we can enhance and achieve better results for you, as our tenants.  For this reason, we would welcome your input on rent affordability, but also what is important to you and how we could prioritise or change our services to ensure we are providing good value for money. We plan to do this piece of work in the coming year and will consider what you tell us is important to you when we are setting the rent in future years.

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If you have concerns about paying your rent or need help with your finances then please contact our Income Team for support.

Email: IncomeAdviceTeam@rhondda.org 

Or telephone: 01443 424200 for support and budgeting advice. 

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