RHA is the first Corporate Event at The Royal Mint Experience!

Posted on by Gavin Holley

Around 100 guests joined us on Thursday 22nd September to celebrate our 36th Annual General Meeting and the very first corporate event to be held at the fantastic Royal Mint Experience in Llantrisant, RCT.

Staff and voluntary board members welcomed partners, sharemembers and tenants to this unique setting. The event celebrated the Associations successful year and updated guests on our key achievements. Everyone received a guided tour by the brilliant Royal Mint staff, and to say it was impressive is a vast understatement. We were also honoured to have the talented writer and TV personality Boyd Clack present as one of our guests and representing the New Horizons Charity.

We are very grateful to all those who attended our AGM. And sincerest heartfelt thanks to all the staff at The Royal Mint Experience who helped us organise this special event and ensured it was top class.

(If you have feedback, or a query or would like copies of photos taken at the event then please contact Lian on 01443 424212 or lian@rhondda.org)

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Join us in celebrating our 36th AGM at The Royal Mint Experience Welcome to Greggs