What We Do – Our Maintenance Team

Our Maintenance team deal and resolve any problems you may have at your home or planned maintenance improvements that may be required. Your homes are inspected by our qualified surveyors, and to make sure that any repairs or improvements that are needed are carried out by qualified and competent direct labour operatives (often called DLO’s) or our contractors (such as Flair Electrical or LCB Construction).

Very importantly we ensure that all gas appliances and electrical systems within your home are inspected on a regular basis, and that any asbestos containing materials are inspected once a year.

For more information on Gas, Fire and Asbestos, please visit our Health & Safety section: https://rhondda.org/tenant-health-and-safety/

Our Maintenance team also manage Physical Adaptation Grants and minor works of adaptations that are identified by you as a tenant, or through occupational therapists.  The team also ensure that work on any empty properties is carried out, such as repairs to meet re-let standards.

The Maintenance team includes, our asset & maintenance manager, building surveyors, maintenance assistants, carpenter/multi skill operative and our plumber.

You will meet our surveyors as they complete home improvement surveys which are undertaken at each of your homes every five years.