Anti Social Behaviour

Occasionally difficulties can arise between neighbours, which can be very upsetting for those concerned and affect you being able to live in your home peacefully. The most common disputes involve noise nuisance, pets, children/youth disturbance or just general issues that cause friction between people.

The complaints that we receive vary enormously in terms of seriousness. No two disputes  are  the same and we have to consider each case on its merits and decide on the appropriate action. Some cases may be resolved relatively easily and quickly whereas others will be more protracted disputes that may require legal remedies to resolve.

If you are experiencing problems we would initially advise tenants to try to resolve the problem themselves by approaching their neighbour in a calm, non-confrontational manner in order to talk the issue through. Experience shows us that sometimes involving the Neighbourhood Team can make the situation much worse.

If you would feel unsafe doing this or if this approach was unsuccessful please ring our office on 01443 424200 to discuss the matter further with your Neighbourhood Officer.