Get Set – For Success!

Posted on by Gavin Holley

Get Set is our early intervention and support programme for new tenants which began in 2017.  We understood from consultation with our tenants that the first stages of managing a home, paying rent and feeling supported in your neighbourhood and community can be difficult. We created this pilot programme and new role within the Get Involved – Community Engagement team, which supports new tenancies in their first 12 months.

Our Get Set officer works with our new tenants and helps them to better manage their lives:

  • Setting up cost effective utility bills & payments
  • Budgeting skills & money management
  • Assistance on managing their homes & lives
  • Referrals to partner agencies offering personal development opportunities
  • Money saving advice and tips
  • Plus any tenancy related issues

By working very closely with our colleagues in Housing Services and our Income Advice team to identify the early intervention needed to ensure that any new tenancy is a success and our tenants feel fully supported and have everything in place to allow them to thrive and manage a happy healthy home.  Alongside home visits, telephone support and working with other support agencies on the tenant’s behalf, the Get Set officer is also an advocate for volunteering, plus life and skill building. This is providing our tenants the opportunities to become fully active and confidently involved in the communities in which they live and thus create sustainable cohesive neighbourhoods.


The pilot programme was such a success that we now have this role as part of our core funded community engagement team. Since the programme began in May 2017 our Get Set officer has:

  • 217 tenants supported
  • 540 home visits completed
  • 499 telephone calls made to tenants
  • Unplanned ends for tenancies in their first year are down by 77% (on same period – May 2015 – Feb 2017)
  • Cost savings of £60928.71 compared to that same time period as above


Beneficiary of the Get Set programme said:

‘When I first moved in I was such a mess. But after working with the Get Set officer then I have started volunteering. They helped me get organised and sort my gas, electric, water, TV Licence and housing benefit.

I couldn’t appreciate her any more! Whenever she’s needed she’s always there.’


If you would like to know more about Get Set, or any of our community engagement work then please let us know.


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