Find out more about our ‘Grub Hub’ project

Posted on by Gavin Holley

Grub Hub is our food recycling scheme which is available to our tenants and community members who may be struggling to afford food, pet foods, sanitary products and other basic household items.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic tenant volunteers collect food throughout the week from places like Farm Foods, Lidl and Greggs,   they then make up food parcels which can be collected from our office or other local community venues.

This project helps us achieve 3 vital goals:

  • making sure our tenants in hardship are having a little help
  • diverting food which would otherwise go to landfill
  • creating volunteering opportunities for those who want to learn a new skill or feel part of something.

If you feel you need a donation or would like to volunteer to support this project then contact us. In exceptional circumstances we are able to deliver.


Telephone: 01443 424268

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