About the board

The Board of Management of the Association defines its values and objectives and establishes policies to achieve these objectives. There are up to 15 places on the Board including one third reserved for tenant members.

Board Obligations

  • Be committed to the aims and objectives of the Association
  • Contribute to and share responsibility for Board decisions
  • Act only in the interests of the Association
  • Confirm that they will meet their obligations

Between them, the Board members should possess a range of skills and experience, including:

  • Practical experience of receiving the Association’s service
  • General management experience/business skills
  • Financial management
  • Housing management
  • Legal work
  • Community/Voluntary work
  • Experience of the building trade
  • Local knowledge

The Board reviews its composition regularly to identify gaps in the skills and knowledge required.

The Association also strives to achieve a balance of membership in accordance with its equal opportunities policy appropriate to the area in which it works. Also as it is a community-based organisation it aims to ensure that the majority of the Board members live or work in the Rhondda Cynon Taf.