Tenancy Matters

Being A Rhondda Housing Association Tenant

You must understand what it means to be our tenant – this includes knowing what you must do and what we, as your landlord, will do

This Leaflet gives a short guide to your tenancy. The full terms and conditions of your tenancy have been given to you. You must make sure that you understand them. We can help with this or you can seek advice from other agencies.

We Will

Take action where you do not do the things that your tenancy conditions say you must.

Allow you to live in your home without interference as long as you look after your home and do not disturb anyone.

Tell you how much rent and service charge you need to pay. Provide statements of account and offer support and advice where we can.

Carry out repairs to your home that we are responsible for, within a reasonable timescale. Check your tenancy agreement and handbook for full details on this.

Provide a local rate phone number to report repairs. Including a 24 hour service for emergencies.

Tell you what rights you have as a tenant and help you understand those rights.

Keep our estates in good condition and regularly inspect estates/blocks of flats

Allow you to keep animals or pets, as long as your home provides a suitable environment for them.

Give you opportunities to get involved and consult you about any plans that have an effect on you.

You Will

Understand and keep to your tenancy conditions, which are explained in more detail in your tenancy agreement.

Make sure that you, your visitors or members of your household treat your community with respect and do not cause a nuisance.

Pay your rent and other charges in full and on time. If you are struggling to pay, you must contact us.

Take care of your home, keep it clean, free from rubbish and well decorated. Make sure you report repairs as soon as you are aware of them.

Ask us before carrying out improvements and alterations. We must agree before you start work.

Ask us before you use any of your rights, for example, exchange your property with someone else.

Keep your garden neat and tidy and clean your immediate communal area.

Ensure that if you keep animals or pets that they do not cause nuisance to anyone in the neighbourhood.

Help us by commenting on our services and/or getting involved in some of the opportunities we offer to tenants.